How do you link business growth and sustainability in fashion?

Post Junio 2024

Many companies face this dilemma. The need to create sustainable models is associated with the reduction of production. This means implementing sustainable strategies such as: – Circularity: based on the concept of zero waste and avoiding the extraction of virgin raw materials. – Servitization model: Offering customer services such as rental, repair or product warranty. … Read more

Designers’ weaknesses when designing inclusive fashion

Blog. Designers’ weaknesses when designing inclusive fashion

Designing for accessibility is essential to ensure that all users, regardless of their physical, sensory or cognitive abilities, can use and enjoy an everyday product such as fashion. But why don’t we find more inclusive and accessible clothing in fashion collections?Here are some common weaknesses of designers: 1. Awareness and education.To start with, there is … Read more

MovingStick: An accessibility solution for industrial sewing machines

Blog MovingStick

MovingStick is an innovative adaptation designed to make industrial sewing machines accessible to people with physical disabilities. The traditional use of pedals is replaced by arm-activated levers. The system is easy to attach, detachable, and there is no need to leave a machine set up all the time.   Adaptation of education centres Accessibility in … Read more

Rethinking labels: Policy Recommendation for Accessible Textile Labels

Imagen de unos vaqueros cubiertos de etiquetas textiles. El texto en rosa brillante dice: Repensar las etiquetas. Logotipos de Movingmood y Boutique Badia en la esquina superior derecha.

Clothing labels are not well designed, The population cannot read the texts, do not understand the washing symbols and are not accessible for people with disabilities and seniors. They are uncomfortable because they scratch the skin. The most common solution among consumers is to cut them to improve comfort. As a result, 1. We lose … Read more

5 reasons why you should design for accessibility

Blog. Reasons why you must design accessibility.

Accessibility is an attribute that benefits all people because we all use accessibility. When a product is accessible you get: 1- Innovation.Diversity drives innovation. Design a product focused on solving a specific challenge and that product will be useful for many more people. Design for 1 and extend the benefit to many. 2- Market growth.Resonate … Read more

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022

Dia internacional de las personas con discapacidad 2022

  People with disabilities are often thought of as motivational people, people as a source of inspiration, even today, they are seen as a forgotten market that generates income for companies and organisations. Their potential is rarely shown in the workplace. They are capable of performing any task, they are the best problem solvers, because … Read more