How do you link business growth and sustainability in fashion?

Post Junio 2024

Many companies face this dilemma. The need to create sustainable models is associated with the reduction of production. This means implementing sustainable strategies such as: – Circularity: based on the concept of zero waste and avoiding the extraction of virgin raw materials. – Servitization model: Offering customer services such as rental, repair or product warranty. … Read more

Better incubation

MovingMood case study Better Incubation

2021 – 2022 Expert consultant Advisor / Training Homepage Specialist consulting on disability Rut Turró was invited to be involved in the European-Union-financed ‘Better Incubation’ project as an expert consultant. The program, run by LIAISE (Linking Incubation Actors for Inclusive and Social Entrepreneurship), aims to empower business support organisations (BSOs) to help entrepreneurs from under-represented … Read more

Bag design for CET

MovingMood case study. Bag design fpr CET

2014 – 2016 Creating synergies between disability centres End to end Inicio La Bolsa llena: Development of a line of handbags. La Bolsa Llena represents a comprehensive project focusing on the manufacturing and sale of handbags. The project aim to foster synergies between different social organizations employing people with intellectual disabilities. Including organizations like Fundación … Read more

COLEO work wear

MovingMood Case study Coleo

2022 Transformational consulting End 2 end Coleo Home PROFESSIONAL CLOTHING Coleo is a sustainable and circular design studio. MovingMood worked on the new line of recycled workwear and corporate apparel. We train and advise the organisation on fashion accessibility and inclusive design. We start with training the design team on accessibility of garments. We complement … Read more

Definition of fashion accessibility standards

Year 2016 CHALLENGE The diversity of needs and people has led us to create a system to evaluate the accessibility of garment and accessories. What should inclusive clothing looks like? What parameters should we consideer? What are the minimum requirements that a garment must have to be accessible? And, very important, for whom?Just as there … Read more

Policy recommendation for accessible textile labels

Policy recommendation for accessible textile labels

CHALLENGE To elaborate policy recommendations on the accessibility of textile labelling for EU policy makers of the European textile regulation. METHODOLOGY Review of 30 European regulations and specific studies related to the textile industry, eco-design, labelling, environment, disability and accessibility.Conducting workshops with stakeholders to co-design and validate proposals.Research into accessible technologies and services available on … Read more

All abilities fashion Online academy

Academy. All abilities fashion book

First online academy for inclusive fashion design Training 2021-22 CHALLENGE Enhancing knowledge in accessibility and inclusive design. METHODOLOGY Seizing the opportunity presented by the pandemic lockdown, we embarked on the creation of the first online academy dedicated to inclusive design. Crafting a comprehensive index of content, we commenced knowledge dissemination, engaging individuals with disabilities to … Read more

Sewing machine adaptation

MovingStick. Sewing machine adaptation

Adaptation of industrial sewing machines for the integration of people with disabilities Year 2014-15 MovingStick is an adaptation for industrial sewing machines designed for users with physical disabilities. The traditional use of pedals is replaced by levers activated by the arm, allowing people with reduced mobility to be employed in a sector such as fashion, … Read more

Inclusive fashion program for designers and companies

MovingMood I+D. Inclusive fashion programme

Year 2017 CHALLENGE Develop a training programme in inclusive fashion for designers and companies. METHODOLOGY This is how the B2B consultancy service for companies, designers and creative studios was born.The research was carried out between 2016 and 2017. It is a consequence of the needs analysis carried out previously.Thanks to the participation in a support … Read more