Blog. Reasons why you must design accessibility.

5 reasons why you should design for accessibility

Accessibility is an attribute that benefits all people because we all use accessibility.

When a product is accessible you get:

1- Innovation.
Diversity drives innovation. Design a product focused on solving a specific challenge and that product will be useful for many more people.

Design for 1 and extend the benefit to many.

2- Market growth.
Resonate with an untapped consumer base: People with disabilities have been largely ignored despite increased demand. This means that consumers in this group are eager to spend on products that work. #Sales

3- Loyal consumers.
Clothing that helps people with disabilities feel more self-confident is very likely to make them loyal customers of that brand. #BrandValue

4- Co-design with people
to achieve excellent results. It will improve the working environment and employees’ sense of well-being. 

5- Opportunity.
Demand for these adapted products far outstrips supply, meaning that retailers who are able to innovate quickly will reap the greatest benefits. Design for accessibility.


Whatever their favourite shop, consumers with disabilities want to be able to shop there.

Start designing for accessibility and don’t get left behind in innovation!

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