Dia internacional de las personas con discapacidad 2022

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022


People with disabilities are often thought of as motivational people, people as a source of inspiration, even today, they are seen as a forgotten market that generates income for companies and organisations.

Their potential is rarely shown in the workplace.

They are capable of performing any task, they are the best problem solvers, because they face challenges every day and find solutions quickly.

They bring wellbeing to the organisation, creating healthy environments and improving team cohesion.

It has been a forgotten and under-represented market in most sectors, including fashion. Products and services are not designed to meet their needs and foster their autonomy.

After Covid and the crises, new sectors have to be sought for further growth.

Organisations see this huge niche as an opportunity to gain market share and improve their products.

And they will succeed if they work with people and not for people.

Achieving an inclusive culture means implementing accessibility throughout the organisation’s value chain, from the design of products and services to offering employment to people with functional diversity. This is the only way to improve the quality of life of people and of our organisation.

Think Diversity

Design Accessibility.

Create Inclusion.

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