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MovingStick: An accessibility solution for industrial sewing machines

MovingStick is an innovative adaptation designed to make industrial sewing machines accessible to people with physical disabilities.

The traditional use of pedals is replaced by arm-activated levers. The system is easy to attach, detachable, and there is no need to leave a machine set up all the time.


Adaptation of education centres

Accessibility in education and in the workplace is essential to empower people with disabilities.
This is the only way to ensure equal opportunities for them to reach their full potential and contribute fully to society.

In this spirit, we are proud to announce that the Wilson College of Textiles, in North Carolina, USA, is using this adaptation to accommodate a student with a disability.
According to Samantha Pearce, Textile Studio Lab Technician:
The student absolutely loves the adaptation and he can use it comfortably! He was happy to join his classmates at the machines yesterday and excelled at his assignment of the day”.

The benefits of accessibility in education

To achieve accessibility in education and the workplace, it is important to implement measures such as adapting infrastructure, making assistive technology available, training staff and promoting an inclusive culture.

  • Equal Opportunities: Educational accessibility ensures that all people, regardless of disability, have equal opportunities to access education. To develop their skills and enhance their knowledge.
  • Social Inclusion: Accessible education promotes social inclusion. It allows students with disabilities to actively participate in learning, interact with their peers and integrate with other students.
  • Improving Employability: Accessible and quality education prepares people with disabilities for the labour market. It improves their employment prospects and enables them to contribute economically.
  • Diversity and Creativity: The inclusion of people with disabilities in the educational environment enriches the diversity of perspectives and fosters creativity, which benefits the whole community.

When you promote accessibility, you are creating a more equitable world, where all people can achieve their goals and contribute to the progress of society.

MovingStick is more than an adaptation; it is a tool that empowers people with physical disabilities to pursue their passions and careers in the world of inclusive fashion.

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