MovingMood was born in 2015 as a brand of adapted clothing for wheelchair users, Fit and Sit.
We saw the need to transform our start up to consulting and training, and MovingMood was born in 2017.
Since then our three pillars are Training, Consulting and Development of accessible solutions.
Together we work to make the world a more inclusive and accessible place.

Our promise: To embed accessibility in the collections without creating an adapted line.

Meet the founder

Imagen de Rut Turró sonriendo con gafas

Rut Turró is expert in inclusive design and fashion accessibility.

  • Founder of Movingmood.
  • 23 years in fashion accessibility.
  • Consultant.
  • Research with 7 EU grants.
  • Trainer with 18 years of experience.


BA in Fashion Design, EATM-ESDI, Barcelona, Spain and BA with Honours in Fashion at Winchester School of Arts, UK, 1995. MA in International Cooperation, EOI. And scholarship holder in the Social entrepreneurship programme, INSEAD, 2009.

Founder of MovingMood, the first consultancy specialised in advising and training companies and institutions on design, accessibility and fashion.

She has 23 years of experience researching and working on textiles and disability, in countries such as Europe, Australia, Mexico and India.

It has been multi-awarded in Spain and the EU for its innovation, vision and social impact. Rut has been part of the advisory committee for people with disabilities of the European Better Incubation programme, and has recently drafted a policy recommendation on accessibility of textile labels, where it collaborates directly with EU policy makers.

Our multidisciplinary team


At MovingMood, diversity runs deep.
The unique skills and perspectives of every person in our varied team of professionals and collaborators is our superpower.

Moving team Francesc Granja

Francesc Granja

Moving team Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio
Occupational therapist. Maker

Moving team Carlos Espinosa

Carlos Espinosa
Sewing machine adaptations

Moving team Antonio Sala

Antonio Sala

Moving team Santiago Nadal

Santiago Nadal

Moving team Rojan Mahoutch

Rojan Mahoutchian
Collaborator. Illustrator

Moving team Robert de Miguel

Robert de Miguel

Moving team Maria Petit

Maria Petit

Moving team Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet
Collaborator. Inclusive Design Consultant

Moving team Patricia Santana

Patricia Santana
Collaborator. Model.


Our sustainable develpment goals


Bringing inclusive fashion online and thus to the new generation


Promoting inclusive and sustainable employment


Adapting sewing machines for those with disabilities

SDG 10

SDG 10
Boosting inclusive office culture and talent

SDG 12

SDG 12
Facilitating eco design and textile sustainability

SDG 17
Improving collaborations and strategic alliances with companies and institutions

We are always open to collaborations and projects.

If you have an idea and see potential for a partnership reach out of us!

[email protected]