Accessibility and circularity: The inseparable binomial of success

Blog. Nico y Rut

Environmental sustainability is gaining a lot of weight within companies and governments, mainly because climate change is becoming more visible in developed countries, and because of new European and state legislation that every organisation must comply with. This means transforming production processes, services and products towards circular and ecological models. So far, so good! If … Read more


Blog S4fashion Europe

It’s official! We are now part of the European Union’s S4Fashion project community! This program aims to boost sustainable and circular fashion innovation by empowering small and medium-sized enterprises. 25 projects receive funding, coaching and personalised mentoring to take their proposals to the highest level. Obviously from MovingMood we do not understand sustainability without inclusion … Read more

Colours and patterns

Blog. Colors and prints

Colours and patterns play a key role in garments and fashion design, also influencing accessibility and inclusion. We choose to wear one colour or another depending on our mood, the mood we feel in the morning and the light of the day, whether it is sunny or cloudy, are factors that influence our decision. If … Read more

Bodies and fashion

5 personas haciéndose una selfie enfrente de un espejo enorme. La madre, dos hijas y 2 nietos.

Fashion and the human body have a love-hate relationship. Most people do not fit the standards described by fashion. Bodies should fit clothes, when it should be the other way around, fashion should fit all bodies. As a consequence, we meet many people who say: “I can’t find anything that fits me”. How is that … Read more

Inclusive fashion or adapted fashion

David and Rut working

We have been talking about inclusive fashion, adapted fashion, inclusive design, design for inclusion, fashion for all, fashion accessibility, etc. for some years now. A list of hashtags and names appear on social networks combining these words to ensure that we communicate well and address our target audience. What is going on?  We find a … Read more

Inclusive Design

Blog Diseño Inclusivo con Ana Arija

What is inclusive design? Inclusive design incorporates as many people as possible who can use a product or service without the need to adjust or adapt it. This means that it embraces all human diversity, taking into account aspects such as ability, language, culture, gender, age or any other form of human differentiation we can … Read more

Our history. 

Blog. Aleix en su silla de ruedas con la ropa de Fit and Sit

We have gone from being an adapted clothing brand to a consultancy and training company specialising in Inclusive Fashion. We tell you a little about this process of change. Between 2011 and 2014 we conducted in-depth research into the needs of people with disabilities and clothing. We made 80 visits to different disability centres and … Read more

Welcome to MovingMood Blog

About Rut I am Rut Turró, founder of MovingMood. I graduated in Fashion Design at EATM in Barcelona and BA with Honours in Fashion at Winchester School of Art, 1995. Master in ESAL management, social entrepreneurship scholarships at INSEAD, 2009, and currently I am an EU advisor for people with disabilities at Better Incubation. It … Read more