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Our history. 

We have gone from being an adapted clothing brand to a consultancy and training company specialising in Inclusive Fashion.

We tell you a little about this process of change.

Between 2011 and 2014 we conducted in-depth research into the needs of people with disabilities and clothing. We made 80 visits to different disability centres and conducted 200 interviews, including users, professionals, therapists and carers. This data collection helped us to classify needs into generic and specific needs. 

In December 2014, thanks to receiving the #Creatic award from Tecnocampus, Fit and Sit was launched as a seated clothing brand. Our premise was that all clothes are designed for standing, when in reality we all spend many hours sitting, why not make clothes for the ergonomics of a seated body instead of standing?

We are launching a 5-pocket trouser for wheelchair users. A customisable trouser, with many features to choose from, from zips, side slits, pockets, urine bag stoppers, etc.  We received compliments from customers and our products, but… the sales were not enough to sustain us.

What could we do?

First, reflect and analyse:

We had few resources to increase the collection, change colours, designs and have the same prices as big fashion companies, it was incompatible. We couldn’t even dream of making it. As a start-up, we certainly made a lot of mistakes, but we had to move forward and look for solutions.

Secondly, Action:

We made a radical change in business models, offering services for companies and designers, to provide them with knowledge and experience in adapted clothing.

We transformed Fit and Sit to Movingmood: Consultancy and training in Inclusive Fashion. With a new name and brand image, Movingmood, Moving for a good mood.

We innovated a method to integrate adapted and universal fashion without making specific clothing lines for people with disabilities. Our challenge was bigger, how to train large teams without having to train 1 person? We created the Accessibility Moodboards. Tested and proven by different designers in Spain. 

But there is even more!

Creating employment is a priority, people with disabilities have the highest unemployment rate. This cannot be! We must do something! Thanks to Carlos Espinosa, Nestor Aparicio and the support of Social Challenges, we adapted industrial sewing machines for people with reduced mobility.  The fashion industry employs 1 in 6 people in the world, a good place to create jobs. 

And finally 2020, the year Covid. A challenge for the whole population. 

Technology becomes an ally and as a company we can’t stop! So we prepared our online academy for Inclusive Fashion, All Abilities Fashion. The aim is to bring knowledge in Inclusive Design closer to everyone and make it more accessible.

MovingMood is currently positioned as a benchmark company in Inclusive Fashion Design.

Without the team, the clients, the mentors, the awards, and our desire, we would not be here today. Thank you very much to all the people who trust us. Thank you for helping us create Movingmood. 

Rut Turró, CEO MovingMood

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At MovingMood, diversity runs deep. The unique skills and perspectives of every person in our varied team of professionals and collaborators is our superpower.