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I am Rut Turró, founder of MovingMood. I graduated in Fashion Design at EATM in Barcelona and BA with Honours in Fashion at Winchester School of Art, 1995. Master in ESAL management, social entrepreneurship scholarships at INSEAD, 2009, and currently I am an EU advisor for people with disabilities at Better Incubation.

It all started in 1999 in India, at the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Vicente literally challenged me: “If you want to help people, help people with disabilities who need it most”.

And so began this adventure of uniting fashion, my profession, with the social sector. 

I recognise that it has not been easy, but today, after 22 years of experience and several initiatives behind me, I can say that I have my PhD in social entrepreneurship and I am an expert in social impact projects for fashion and people with disabilities.

Thanks to my continuous research and personal motivation, it has led me to work in 4 continents and fascinating countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Australia, India, UK, Hungary, among others. Living with other cultures makes you more empathetic, humble and richer in learning. Undoubtedly a highly recommendable experience. 

Creativity is key in my life and in the projects we develop at MovingMood, it helps us to find innovative business models that generate value for society. Inclusive, innovative and equitable solutions for everyone.

I am very lucky because I love my job, I am driven by a strong motivation and vision in social innovation. I am a serial entrepreneur, consistent and methodical. Family, friends, plants, art exhibitions, opera, yoga and dance are good therapies for me. 

I only hope that my work will have a positive impact on society. Thank you very much for reading us! 

Rut Turró. CEO MovingMood

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At MovingMood, diversity runs deep. The unique skills and perspectives of every person in our varied team of professionals and collaborators is our superpower.