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Consulting services for inclusive retail and design.

We are accessibility fashion experts

MovingMood has created inclusion by design, finding innovative ways to make fashion accessible to those with disabilities.

Our maxim is to work with and for diversity, developing innovative, eco-sustainable and above all, well-adapted solutions from the outset.

What we do

Training on Inclusive Fashion

Immerse yourself in the creative world of accessible fashion design, guided by top designers, researchers and experts with disabilities.

MovingMood training on inclusive fashion
MovingMood fashion consultancy


Our unique method and personalised service leads retail companies and designers through their inclusivity transformation.

Intelligence and design

Knowledge is nothing without action. Through research, policy advice and practical product design we consciously improve the retail industry.

MovingMood iIntelligence and design

Why accessibility matters

There’s is 1,3 billion people with disability worldwide (OMS).

Inclusivity to generate $33 billion for apparel and footwear retailers with direct impact on the entire supply chain.

Limited accessible and inclusive clothing on offer.

Understanding Inclusion

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  • Achieve and sustain deeper employee engagement.
  • Improve customer orientation and impact.
  • Resonate with a wider customer base.
  • Improve decision making and the design of competitive solutions.
  • Optimising the bottom line.
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How do I start?

Whatever your industry, market or business size is, our consulting services can help you clarify your goals for inclusive fashion.

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Rut's visionary ability and strategy to bridge the gap between fashion and the disability community make Moving Mood one of the most socially impactful, disruptive and revolutionary projects in the retail industry.

Ana Guasch Seculi

Innovation & New Technologies Consultant

Rut's energy, passion and care for what she believes in takes you over from the first moment you meet her. Her work is also her mission: she is extremely knowledgeable and fearless in advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities and making the world just and accessible for all. Rut is a true activist and a strong ally for the community.

Anna Arato

Project Manager, Impact Hub Network

Movingmood helped me expand on my knowledge on materials and placement of certain adaptive features such as feeding tubes. With their knowledge and guidance, I was able to design an inclusive collection catering to people’s needs in the hope that more fashion brands will do the same thing.

Claire Louise Thorn

Founder and designer at Claire Louise Thorn. London, UK.

The time is now.

Make a move towards change.

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