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Inclusive fashion rental, an opportunity for the fashion industry

Is renting Inclusive Fashion a new opportunity?

Worldwide Market Report has recently produced a report on the inclusive fashion rental market.
This report investigates the geographic landscape, industry size and revenue estimates, while segmenting the market study based on key regions driving commercialisation. 

It also highlights the challenges hindering the growth of the market and the expansion strategies adopted by leading companies in the affordable fashion rental market.


Why is inclusive fashion important?

When we add functionality and accessibility to products and services, they help us perform tasks more easily. 
For example, we replace the small buttons on a shirt with magnets, 

  1. For a person who has difficulty mobilising their hands and fingers, magnets provide autonomy for dressing. 
  2. If you don’t have any mobility impairment, it gives you speed and agility. It will take me 2 seconds to fasten my shirt with magnets, and 20 seconds to fasten my shirt with buttons.

In the end, magnets (or other inclusive fasteners) help the majority of the population and consequently, their use expands rapidly.

This is why we say that accessibility and functionality are key attributes of products and services, because we all benefit.


Inclusive Fashion on the move

We have more and more start-ups focusing on accessibility and sustainability in fashion. Young companies do not contemplate one attribute without the other. Sustainability is in the DNA of society and accessibility is following in its footsteps.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact of the fashion and products they buy. They are changing their consumption habits, no longer buying as frequently, using clothes exchange, second hand, or renting.


Rental and subscription

are sustainable models aligned with the new habits of the conscious consumer.

The advantage is that they allow you to wear clothes for a period of time, without having to buy them.

For inclusive fashion it is a great advantage because consumers, especially those with disabilities, can do a real test, using the garment in their daily lives, testing the functionality and accessibility of a particular model, without investing in the cost of the garment.

It also allows you to change sizes easily without the cost of buying the garment again.
It gives access to a wider range of smaller brands and globally adapted clothing. Many start ups don’t have a physical shop for customers to try on clothes, renting If offers this possibility and without leaving home!

For companies it represents an excellent showcase, they can increase customers, test the accessibility of their garments, improve products, get feedback from users, and predict which products to design in the next collections based on customer comments and the most rented products.

Sustainability and accessibility go hand in hand.
Inclusion can be applied to any sustainable business model, be it circular, services or sufficiency.

Very soon we will see more cases of the accessibility and sustainability binomial in products, services and business models.

This is just the beginning!

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