Making marketing and communication accessible to all


2h Dedication

1,15h Video tutorial

5 Cases with disability

1 Expert in inclusive design

100% Online

English with subtitles in English

Master the art of inclusive communication, integrating accessible messaging into your sales channels and marketing campaigns. Reach all audiences and boost your sales.

What will I learn in this course?

Your inclusive products can reach more audiences when you uplevel your communication and communicate in the right way to the right audience.

From website copy and social media to a marketing campaign, understand how to ensure you are always using inclusive language.

Make your brand communication matter through creating a more efficient and effective dialogue that genuinely connects with your audience.

Discover how to apply communication strategies to different channels such as social media, physical and online shops, influencer marketing, brand communications etc.

Embrace innovation and inclusivity and show your competitive value to new audiences through improved inclusive communication strategies.

Receive access to the group forum, downloadable summaries of each module, marketing sheets, templates, and other resources.

Course contents and materials

13. Comunication + marketing

  • 13.1. User and buyer.
  • 13.2. Communication:
    • People: influencers, agencies, entities.
    • Channels.
    • Language.
    • Physical shop.
    • Online shop.
    • Social networks 
  • 13.3. Summary
  • Marketing and sales abstract
  • Summary of points to consider.
  • Conclusions and solutions.
  • Downloadable summary.
  • Specialized articles on inclusive marketing and accessibility.
  • 1 year of unlimited access.
  • Access to the group discussion and networking forum. Our expert team will always answer your questions.
  • All Abilities Fashion certificate of achievement.

= You will improve the effective communication of your brand.
= Reach a broader customer base.
= Create social and economic value.
= Save time. In marketing and communication accessibility research.
= Gain a global view of diversity.
= Stimulate innovation and creativity.
= Increase the competitiveness and value of the organization.
= Increase market share.

Total hours of dedication: approximately 2 hours.
Team Presentation Video – 15 min
Video Tutorial- 1h 
Review summaries and downloadable material – 10 min.
Reading articles- 25 min.

Meet the team

Imagen de Rut Turró sonriendo con gafas

Rut Turró
Inclusive fashion expert

Sadriye Görece

Sadriye Görece
Co founder Blind Look

Moving team Francesc Granja

Francesc Granja
Founder of Tandem Team

Moving team Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet
Inclusive design consultant

Isaac Harvey

Isaac Harvey
Most Influential Disabled People in the UK 2021

Marie Van Driessche

Marie Van Driessche
Interaction designer, accessibility specialist with deafness.


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Yes, you can request individual mentoring sessions to receive feedback on your mood boards, resolve doubts, and create your own personalised action plan in inclusive fashion. Keep a record of any points of discussion throughout the course and reserve a session any time via email at [email protected].

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The course is in English with subtitles in English.