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It’s official! We are now part of the European Union’s S4Fashion project community!

This program aims to boost sustainable and circular fashion innovation by empowering small and medium-sized enterprises. 25 projects receive funding, coaching and personalised mentoring to take their proposals to the highest level.

Obviously from MovingMood we do not understand sustainability without inclusion and accessibility of fashion, that’s why we trust and collaborate with Badia Boutique Studio and its founder Lisi Badia, for the development of this project.

To innovate you have to question the Status Quo of fashion, break the mould and not follow the traditional rules just because they have always been so. Fashion must adapt and evolve with the needs of people and the planet.

We need fashion that is comfortable and practical for everyone, fashion that is inclusive, attractive and functional, taking into account all the details of the garment, however small they may be.

The future of fashion is to design fewer and better thought-out products for everyone, people and the planet.

This project will help to create inclusive and accessible fashion. It will bring knowledge to companies, designers and brands, benefiting various groups.

And this is as far as we can tell you 😉

Last March of this year, 40 pre-selected projects defended our proposals in front of the jury composed of experts and representatives of the consortium, among them: Data Scouts, European Creative Hubs Network, Envolve, IED, ZipHouse, Patrick Duffy from Global Fashion Exchange, Elli from Global Fashion Agenda, Isabel Berz and among other fashion industry professionals.

S4Fashion is co-funded by the COSME program of the European Union.

We are very grateful to the S4FASHION project, the consortium, the judges and collaborators for their support for inclusion and accessibility in fashion.

Thank you very much for supporting our proposal.

Think Diversity, Design Accessibility, Create inclusion.

We will keep you updated with more details of the project. Thank you for reading!

Rut Turró, CEO MovingMood

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