Shawls made by Teixidors


A social cooperative that manufactures high-quality artisanal fabrics.

Teixidors is a project that we hold close to our hearts.
It is the perfect union of social inclusion and textile craftsmanship. The outcome is timeless products of utmost quality and exquisite design.
We collaborate with Teixidors in various areas, from product design, launch, and European expansion to brand consolidation.
Always under the premise of social, environmental, and economic sustainability.
Teixidors was founded in 1983 in Terrassa, a city long associated with Spain’s textile industry.
The company captures that century-old local textile expertise and interprets it through a socially engaged, environmentally friendly approach to the craft. It was in that spirit that, driven by the desire to create job opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities, the company was founded in the early 1980s.

MovingMood case study. Teixidors
MovingMood Case Study. Teixidors in the maison objet fair.