Image of Rut and Alex talking. Alex goes with his wheelchair.

Research the needs of people with physical disabilities in relation to fashion

Year 2011-2014


Getting dressed and undressed is a basic daily activity. But for millions of people with disabilities, it can present a huge challenge.

Tasks like moving one’s arms and legs, or the skills and coordination needed to do up a button, can be someone’s daily Everest. They may require more time or, in many cases, even hired carers to help.


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Personal experiences

Visits to centres and understanding personal experiences of dressing and undressing from professionals and individuals.

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Carrying out questionnaires with people with reduced mobility, professionals and organizations.

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Collect data

Verifying information through undertaking interviews with relevant professionals and final wearers.

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Analyse data

Structuring and classifying information. Listing out needs of differently abled groups.

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Develop and test

Build prototypes, test solutions and evaluate results.


81 organizations visited.
200+ interviews with experts and users.


Contrasting the principle needs of getting dressed against the mobility of people with dissabilities.

  1. Generic vs. specific needs
  2. Degree of mobility
  3. Market analysis

Creating a list of priooducts to adapt and redesign. Dividing it into categories.

  1. Articles of clothing
  2. Accessories and shoes
  3. Lifestyle products

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