Image of a detachable jumper designed to fit everbody.

Inclusive jumper: Re-design of basic jumper to inclusive garments

Year 2016


Jerseys are very tight-fitting garments and therefore difficult to put on and take off. Our challenge was to dress, avoiding muscle pulling and minimizing arm movement.


We opened different jerseys by the traditional seams, the inner side seams up to the sleeve and cuff, and the shoulder seams up to the cuffs. The comfort in both cases was questionable, especially the underarm area.
We changed the concept, breaking the jersey at the sides, leaving the back clean and bringing multiple social and environmental benefits


Detachable jumper that can be put on in different ways: 1- at the front and fastened at the back, worn as a jacket, or in the traditional way, passing first the arms or the head.

It is the first garment designed to be produced, sold and bought with the option of spare parts.

Social strategy
Suitable for different bodies, the most inclusive jumper
People with disabilities
Curvy and plus sizes
Pregnant and breastfeeding
Elderly and dependency

Environmental Strategy:
Repairable. Exchanges damaged parts.
Washable in parts. Very useful for nursing homes.

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