MovingMood case study. Bag design fpr CET

Bag design for CET

La Bolsa llena: Development of a line of handbags.

La Bolsa Llena represents a comprehensive project focusing on the manufacturing and sale of handbags. The project aim to foster synergies between different social organizations employing people with intellectual disabilities.

Including organizations like Fundación Estimia, Fundació Gaspar de Portolà, Sínia, Teixidors, among others.

Each entity contributes its unique expertise, and at MovingMood, we take on the responsibility for both design, development and implementation of the project.

Throughout the entire process, our goal is to customize the product design to align with the capabilities of individuals with intellectual disabilities and the available machinery in each workshop. 

We support the market launch strategy, introducing a disruptive concept with La Bolsa Llena.

Inside each bag, you’ll find information on the production process, complete with direct links to the involved organizations. Today, this innovative initiative is known as Transparency, Sustainability, and Digital Passport.

This groundbreaking project garnered attention at prestigious trade fairs such as Maison Object in Paris, showcasing our commitment to innovation in the field.

This personalised approach ensures the maximisation of creative and productive potential in ever collaboration we do.

MovingMood case study. Bag design. Image of 4 handbags