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All abilities fashion Online academy

First online academy for inclusive fashion design

Training 2021-22


Enhancing knowledge in accessibility and inclusive design.


Seizing the opportunity presented by the pandemic lockdown, we embarked on the creation of the first online academy dedicated to inclusive design.

Crafting a comprehensive index of content, we commenced knowledge dissemination, engaging individuals with disabilities to review and enrich our material with their valuable experiences.

Video content was initially produced in Spanish, subsequently expanding to include an English version.


  • 1 Master program
  • 11 Specialized courses
  • In our inaugural year, we reached a global audience spanning Poland, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, and France.


  • A comprehensive book comprising 256 pages, featuring over 1050 slides, 600 photographs, and 70 meticulously developed icons and technical sheets.
  • Accessibility mood boards.
  • A pioneering method for assessing and monitoring inclusive design in the fashion realm.
  • Concise summaries detailing the application of accessibility principles in clothing.
  • An insightful chart mapping the specific needs of individuals with physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities against the requirements in pattern making, fabrics, tailoring, fastenings, color, and trimmings.

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