MovingMood I+D. Adaptive trouser design

Adaptive 5 pocket trousers: Re-design of basic to inclusive garments

Year 2014-15


Redesign the 5-pocket trousers adapted for people with disabilities, maintaining the same look as the one on the market.


Based on the research and the data obtained, we started to adjust the design to the demands of the users. We begin with the pattern to be comfortable in a sitting position, because all the clothes are designed for standing. We continued with the generic functionalities in seams, pockets, closures and labels, which improve comfort for everyone. Finally we add specific functionalities such as urine bag stoppers as a customisation service. This allows us to adapt the product to the specific needs of each user.


An adapted, functional and aesthetic trouser that meets the generic and specific needs of people with disabilities and seniors. A useful standard for most bodies.
MovingMood i+D. Collage of photos of adaptive trouser.

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