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Inclusive Fashion Online Programme

#All Abilities Fashion

Become an expert designer in inclusive fashion.

You will learn how to apply the principles of accessible fashion with a unique and simple method, using Accessibility Mood boards.

The growing demand for accessible products and services is rapidly becoming an essential skill within companies and organisations.

Inclusive design incorporates as many people as possible who can use a product, without the need to be altered or modified.

Incorporate accessibility into your collections and multiply your design sales by 4!

Join the inclusion!





Learn the basics of accessible fashion to develop inclusive garments.

Understand and meet the needs of people with functional diversity

Acquire the necessary skills in inclusive design to create, understand and evaluate products

Increase the social and economic value of your designs and the organization

Bringing together diversity and design as an instrument of social transformation

Bringing Accessibility into the Design Process

Promoting inclusion as a tool for improvement and added value

Increase innovation

Improve creative skills

Build up empathy

People-centred design

Target group

Garment designers



Fashion companies
Creative Studies

Universities and clusters

Sustainable fashion

Course content

15 Chapters

Between 2 and 7 lessons per unit

Tutorial videos

3 experts. 7 real cases. 10h videos

Downloadable pdf

14 summary. 1 trouser pattern in AI+PDF. Accessibility Mood Boards templates. Roadmap template.

Exercise book

Create your accessibility mood boards. Practical implementation methodology.


2 x 45 min one-to-one mentoring. Group discussion forum.

List of resources

Wiki social. List of resources and useful tools to apply accessibility.


100% online. At your own speed. 50h of dedication.

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Rut puts forward a vision of fashion that goes beyond trends to put people at the centre of design, pointing out the enrichment of the diversity of bodies and skills present in our real environment.

Noemí Claveria.
Professor of Product Design.
EASD LLotja.

The experience in social innovation provided to the students has broadened their outlook towards new sustainable business models, providing social value.

Anna A. Dokukina, Ph.D. (Economics)
Associate Professor. Industrial Economics Department
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

Our experience

Workshops and lectures

Experiences of women entrepreneurs. 2015

Fashion, inclusion and sport
April 2018
You have the power to change, use it !
TED Talk Junio 2015
Taller Vivim la Vida. 2016
Design for all. 2019
Sustainable brands Barcelona
May 2016
Design for All Conference. October 2018


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