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Programme to fit clothing to diversity.

All designers bring accessibility to fashion, but they ignore it.

They do it unconsciously because it depends on trends and seasons. There is a lack of knowledge about the functionality of clothes. Where am I integrating it? Who benefits it?

Using accessibility is simple, all companies and designers can do it.

This is why we have developed a pioneering method for companies and professionals. A system that allows you to make inclusive clothing without having to make a specific line.

Using our Accessibility Mood Boards.A visual and practical system.

Adding accessibility into collections means an expansion of the market for companies. Improving production capacity by avoiding the costs involved in making an adapted line.

¿Do you want to multiply by 4 the potential of your designs?

Apply accessibility to fashion. You will gain difference, brand value and you will reach a market of 1.200 million people.

Join inclusion!

# Inclusive Design

# Add Diversity

# Diversity Friendly

For whom

Fashion designers

Creative Studies

Fashion companies

E-commerce platforms

Stages of the Programme

1. Challenge

Where do we start?

2. Solution

Personalised roadmap

3. Implementation

It designs inclusion without making a specific line.

4. Results

It wins 4 times more market.



Phase 1: Assessment
General analysis of the organisation

The Challenge: Where do we start?
It is important to know where you are. Most companies have inclusive clothing but they don't know which ones and why. Doing an internal brand analysis helps us to understand and share where the company is in the field of accessibility.


Phase 2: Programme
Diagnostic agreement

The Solution: A personalised roadmap
Our team develops the programme to suit you, empowering your brand by creating a strategic focus and key metrics to generate positive change.


Phase 3: Implementation
Design and launch

Create the change: Design inclusion without making a specific line
We provide our I+D, network of contacts, suppliers and our own method of training in accessible fashion. A visual method that allows the whole team to be trained at once.


Phase 4: Results
Social and economic value

Growing impact: Winning 4 times more market using accessibility.
Measuring success. Understanding that what you are investing in is making a difference. The communication strategy is also an important part. We provide support in the follow-up and evaluation of results.

Start the road to inclusion!