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Moving3Dmachine is an adaptation for industrial sewing machines designed for use by people with physical disabilities.

The traditional use of pedals is replaced by a lever activated with the forearm.

It is a system that is easy to attach to the sewing machine without the need for alterations or leaving the machine adapted all the time.

Our aim is to offer a new employability and training tool for people with physical diversity.

Learn + Practice = Work

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- 1 steel tube of 65 cm with the corresponding hole.
- 1 Medical Resin armrest kit assembled.
- 1 eye hook
- 1 elastic fixing octopus
- Assembly instructions

Dental Model Resin:
Type of resin: Photopolymer*.
It is a high performance material specialised for the dental field. It offers sanitary advantages, such as an anti-allergic product or the possibility
to be sterilised. It has a smooth, matt surface finish, making it more pleasant to the skin.
It is more durable and resistant than PLA.
*A photopolymer is a synthetic substance that undergoes a change in its properties (polymerisation, cross-linking or depolymerisation) by the action
of light, usually ultraviolet, forming a physical differentiation between exposed and non-exposed parts.
Photopolymers are used for the manufacture of printing forms, for rapid prototyping, in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, in the
production of stamps (seals), in stereolithography for 3D printing, for dental prosthetics in dentistry as well as in other areas.

The resin can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilised.

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