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Moving3Dmachine is an adaptation for industrial sewing machines designed for use by people with physical disabilities.

The traditional use of pedals is replaced by a lever activated with the forearm.

It is a system that is easy to attach to the sewing machine without the need for alterations or leaving the machine adapted all the time.

Our aim is to offer a new employability and training tool for people with physical diversity.

Aprender + Practicar = Trabajar

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- 1 steel tube of 65 cm with the corresponding hole.
- 1 PLA armrest kit assembled.
- 1 eye hook
- 1 elastic fixing octopus
- Assembly instructions


PLAPolylactic acid or Polylactide. Biodegradable plastic due to its natural origin corn, potato or sugar cane).
The filament manufactured with PLA is top quality, without incorporation of recycled or recovered material. Fully stabilised. It does not produce warping.
It is recyclable, suitable for biocompostable and food contact.

Additional information

Additional information


Blue, Orange and Black

How does it work?

How does it work?


Step 1: Place the eye-hook between the threads of the pedal and the motor rod.

The piece remains free, we can leave it installed all the time without disturbing. It's a quick and easy way to put on and take off the fitting.

Step 2:Insert the tube of the adapter into the hole of the eye-hook.

Step 3: With the clamp, we tie the tube under the sewing machine, without it touching the table. Ideally, tie it with the presser foot (if the machine has one). Photo 3 and 4


  • For wheelchairs, we recommend moving the traditional pedal of the machine to one side for better entry, especially if you are sewing for several hours.

If the pedal loses return force when the adaptation is fitted to the machine, it can be adjusted with a clamp between the main pole and the motor.


Body position:

Rest your arms on the machine table and check that the adaptation fits you at the same height, without forcing the arm or wrist movement.

Height adjustment:

You can adjust the height in 2 ways.

  • By moving the threads of the hook
  • With the 3D printed regulator and stem.

Unscrew the screw on the adjuster and move the piece upwards. Choose the height and match the two holes. Replace the screw.

Ready to use:

Moving3Dmachine rotates to follow the movements of the arm when in use. Pressing down activates the motor pedal and to the side lifts the presser foot (if available).

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