Materials and Fabrics for Inclusive Fashion

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Get to know the best fabrics and materials to bring to life your inclusive collections. Forge your career path as an inclusive designer.



Materials and Fabrics for Inclusive Fashion

Get to know the best fabrics and materials to bring to life your inclusive collections.

Forge your career path as an inclusive designer.

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5. Fabrics and materials

5.1. Common needs

5.2. Fabrics

5.3. Additional performance

5.4. Threads and labels

5.5. Summary

Materials exercise, develop the Mood board for accessibility of fabrics. Includes 3 templates, 1 for tops, knit and flat. 1 for trousers and 1 for coats.

+ Inclusive Fabrics and Inclusive Performance Summary.

+ List of suppliers.

* Downloadable summaries of inclusive fabrics and benefits.

* Specialised articles on Inclusive Fashion.

* 1 year unlimited access.

* Access to the group forum for discussion and questions. Our expert team will always answer your questions.

* All Abilities Fashion Certificate of Achievement.

= Saving time. In research on people with diversity and fashion.

= Understanding the impact of the choice of fabrics in our collections.

To stimulate innovation and creativity.

= To increase the competitiveness and value of the organisation.

= Expand your market.

Total hours of dedication: 8h approximately.

Team video presentation- 15 min

Tutorial video- 45 min

Review Summaries- 10 min

Reading articles- 20 min

Review suppliers- 15 min

Materials exercise: Includes 3 templates, 1 for tops, knitted and flat. 1 for trousers and 1 for coats. Between 6-8h

Rut Turró: Founder of  Movingmood: Training and consultancy in inclusive fashion. 

21 years of experience working and researching accessibility in fashion. Consultant in social projects. Awarded with +7 grants in the EU. International collaborating teacher. Since 2016 she has been training companies and institutions in inclusive fashion. Currently, she also advises the EU on entrepreneurship projects for people with disabilities.

7 real cases of people with disabilities:

Mik Scarlet: Inclusive design consultant.

Sadriye Görece: Co founder Blind Look.

Isaac Harvey: Most Influential Disabled People in the UK 2021 / President at Wheels and Wheelchairs / LinkedIn Creator / Video Editor

Patricia Santana: 1st model in a wheelchair to show at New York Fashion Week.

Ana Arija: 18 years working in a school, her height does not limit her.

Olga Rodriguez : Former photographer. Neuromuscular, losing strength day by day.

Maria Petit: No vision and works in a fashion company.

Frequently asked questions

You will learn which fabrics and materials are ideal for inclusive design and how best to incorporate them into your collections.

Discover the requirements that fabrics should meet: From texture to practicality to comfort, discover the qualities and requirements of fabrics to create inclusive prices for different groups of people.

The common fabric needs of people with disabilities: Through analysing seven real case studies, learn the common needs and challenges of people with disabilities first hand and discover how specific fabrics can help address those issues.

Receive resources and handy downloadables: Receive access to the group forum, downloadable summaries of each module, exercises on materials, articles, and mood board templates for tops, trousers, and coats.

Differentiate yourself within the market: Gain competitive skills in the market of inclusive design. Open the door to leadership roles within fashion, introduce innovation, and lead industry change in making fashion more accessible to all.

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