End to end solutions

With a personalised service and a unique approach, we help companies and designers create inclusive fashion.

Our 360º transformational consulting integrates inclusivity into your fashion and lifestyle collections, making them accessible to people of all abilities — from design to sale.

Our promise: To embed accessibility in the collections without creating an adapted line.

Graphic, black icons: A jumper with arrows pointing 7 diversity people, from amputee, wheelchair, deafness, senior, curvy and blindness. Shows how inclusive fashion design looks like.

Areas of work

Our end-to-end consulting typically covers the following areas.


Accessibility analysis of clothes and pieces

Inclusive product design 

Graphics, colour, patterns, fabrics, materials, and fastenings


Points of sale: physical and digital access

Communication and campaigns

Inclusive language and tone


Diversity and inclusion leadership

Staff training 

Inclusion support. Employment placement.

Sustainable method for the future


Our specialised methods are practical and impactful while being easy to apply.


We integrate knowledge in a visual way to make sure it reaches all company levels.


We develop fully personalised and flexible systems adapted to each individual client.

Our Method


Phase 1: Assessment
General analysis of the organisation.

The Challenge: Where do we start?
Define the company’s strategic goals. Conduct an internal brand analysis to understand and share where the company is in the field of accessibility and inclusion.


Phase 2: Programme
Diagnostic agreement.

The Solution: A personalised roadmap.
Our team develops the programme to suit you, empowering your brand by creating a strategic focus and key metrics to generate positive change.


Phase 3: Implementation
Design and launch.

Create the change: Design inclusion without making a specific line.
We provide our I+D, network of contacts, suppliers and our own method of training in accessible fashion. A visual method that allows the whole team to be trained at once.


Phase 4: Results
Social and economic value.

Growing impact: Winning 4 times your market using accessibility.
Measuring success. Understanding that what you are investing in is making a difference. The communication strategy is also an important part. We provide support in the follow-up and evaluation of results.