Consulting Services

Our unique method and personalised service leads retail companies and designers through their inclusivity transformation.  

What we offer 

End to end services

A simple method helps make fashion accessible for all through implementable strategies from idea to completion. We integrate deep industry knowledge with both practical and visual beauty.

Our 360º transformational consulting integrates inclusivity into your fashion and lifestyle collections, making them accessible to people of all abilities — from design to sale. 

Consultoría Moda Inclusiva. Imagen de Rut y Jose analizando ropa y zapatos. Inclusive Fashion Consultancy. Image of Rut and Jose analysing clothes and shoes.

Our advantages

  • 23 years of working with people with disabilities in fashion
  • We offer radical and innovative solutions, 100% personalised for your needs
  • Working with companies and organisations is our jam



Our specialised methods are practical and impactful while being easy to apply. 


We integrate knowledge in a visual way to make sure it reaches all company levels. 


We develop fully personalised and flexible systems adapted to each individual client.

The full service 

Our end-to-end consulting typically covers the following areas.


Accessibility analysis of clothes and pieces

Inclusive product design 

Graphics, colour, patterns, fabrics, materials, and fastenings


Points of sale: physical and digital access

Communication and campaigns

Inclusive language and tone


Diversity and inclusion leadership

Mindset reprogramming 

Inclusion support 

Projects implemented

Our only concern is helping you improve your business.  

Whatever your industry, market, or business size, our consulting services can help you clarify your goals for inclusive fashion.