We are accessibility fashion experts.

MovingMood is a consultancy specialised in advising and training companies and institutions in accessibility and inclusive design.

What we do 

For 23 years Moving mood has created inclusion by design, finding innovative ways to make fashion accessible to those with disabilities.

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Our unique method and personalised service leads retail companies and designers through their inclusivity transformation.   

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Our impactful training and courses impulse the power of education to bring accessibility awareness to companies, universities, and organisations.

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I+ D 

Knowledge is nothing without action. Through research, policy advice, and practical product design we consciously improve the retail industry.

Why accessibility matters?

There’s is 1,3 billion people with disability worldwide ( OMS)

Inclusivity to generate $33 billion for apparel and footwear retailers with direct impact on the entire supply chain. 

Limited accessible and inclusive clothing on offer.

Understanding inclusion

Inclusive fashion is clothing  that can be worn by anyone, including people with disabilities, without the need for adjustment or adaptation.

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How to start

Whatever your industry, market or business size, our consulting services can help you clarify your goals for inclusive fashion.

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A simple method helps make fashion accessible for all through implementable strategies from idea to completion.

We integrate deep industry knowledge with both practical and visual beauty.

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Inclusive fashion training

We are the only consultancy offering specialised training in accessible fashion

Enlighten your company with in-office training programs on eco design, sustainability, inclusivity, and more.

If a product is not accessible is not well designed

Think Diversity, Design Accessibility, Create Inclusion

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