Inclusive fashion courses and professional training in fashion design

Fashion professional training programmes, workshops and lectures on inclusive fashion

Learn how to design inclusion for people with disabilities with our inclusive fashion design training and specialised courses. Become an expert designer in inclusive fashion. We have a reliable method that has already led other students to advance their careers.

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For whom it is intended All Abilities Fashion

Courses, lectures, workshops and customised coaching for teams. These are innovative experiences where you will work on fashion accessibility with experts and together with people with disabilities.

Garment designers

Freelance Entrepreneurs


Fashion companies
Creative Studies
Marketplaces Start-ups

Universities and clusters

Sustainable fashion

Which needs are covered by the training?

Learn the basics of accessible fashion to develop inclusive garments.

Understand and know the needs of people with disabilities and seniors.

Acquire the necessary skills in inclusive design to create, interpret and evaluate products.

To increase the competitiveness of the organisation.

Place your fashion brand (company or individual) in diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Aligning diversity and design as a driver of social transformation.

Identify the accessibility of your collections.

Increasing innovation.

Improve creative skills.

Integrate accessibility into the design process.

Increase the potential of collections.

Our courses

Choose the best option that suits you. In addition to face-to-face and virtual programmes for companies and institutions, we have online courses available to improve your creative skills.

Don't wait any longer. Learn how to design inclusion to be more competitive and not be left behind.


Specialise as an Inclusive Fashion Designer and become an expert in fashion accessibility. Stand out and gain value! ENGLISH COMING SOON!


Learn how to design Inclusive Tops using the Accessibility MoodBoards. ENGLISH COMING SOON !


Learn how to design Inclusive Trousers using the Accessibility MoodBoards. ENGLISH COMING SOON !


Learn how to design Inclusive Coats using the Accessibility MoodBoards. ENGLISH COMING SOON !

¿What are you going to take?

  • A method for analysing accessibility and designing for inclusion: Accessibility mood boards.
  • A roadmap that makes it easy to implement accessibility and inclusion in your collections.
  • List of 50 resources and suppliers for easy develop inclusive collections.
  • Kit of technical data sheets, downloadable summaries of each module, diagrams.
  • 1 year unlimited access to all content.
  • Personalised consultancy sessions.
  • Certificate All Abilities Fashion.

¿Why learn inclusive fashion?

Inclusive design is characterised by incorporating as many people as possible who can use a product or service, without the need to adjust or adapt it.

This represents a great competitive advantage because we expand customers and markets without additional effort or cost. Accessibility comes as standard, functionalities are integrated from the beginning of the design process, making products suitable for most people.

Products designed for people with disabilities are convenient and useful for the whole population such as email, telephones and remote controls. This is because disability affects us all to a greater or lesser degree, and on average, we all live 8 years with a disability. So why don't we make products accessible?

Designing for people with disabilities will lead to innovation, it will lead to creating value,we will have more guarantees of success, y and more people will benefit from and use our products..

The application of inclusive design has multiple benefits, generates great value, provides competitiveness, increases income and customers, and improves the social image of the organisation. Think diversity, design accessibility and you will create inclusion.

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Workshops and lectures

We have extensive experience lecturing and developing practical workshops in #design #inclusion #accessibility #sustainability #fashion and #social entrepreneurship.

Are you ready for new challenges and to experience inclusion?

Some examples

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Moda, inclusión y deporte.
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You have the power to change, use it !
TED Talk, 2015
Taller Vivim la Vida. Ecom, 2016
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Sustainable brands Barcelona, 2016
Taller Diseño para todos. IED Barcelona, 2016.
Jornadas Diseño para todos. Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de les Illes Balears, 2018.


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